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We are not entirely certain whether kypseli was the one that inspired the hive shapes that are prominent in our first collection or if our name is inspired from them. We are confident, however, that the organic shapes that smell of Greek nature and tradition are undoubtably linked to our creative identity.
For us handmade jewelry is a form of expression and art. Our goal is to make contemporary Greek jewelry accessible to a wider audience.
Sterling silver, brass, gems, rice paper, a pencil, tools, workbench, inspiration, love. The magic of creation is that it has no boundaries.

Kypseli collage


wear what you love 
love what you wear 

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statement bracelets
for the queen of the hive

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Kypseli aspires to be a real hive of creative activities in culture and art.

With vision and passion our team creates contemporary jewelry, accessories, handicrafts, artworks. Hand and soul-made creations.
We are inspired from the Greek nature, tradition, history, mythology, music, everything that surrounds us.

Our goal is to make contemporary Greek jewelry accessible to a wider audience as well as to pass on our know-how through our creative workshop to people with love for the art, handicrafts and jewelry.


because you like to be unique

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distinguished creations
for distinguished women

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Welcome to Kypseli Workshop.

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